Data Center Services

Our Data Center provides the latest infrastructure built to the highest industry standards, offers high levels of physical and environmental resilience and is protected against power outages and unauthorized access that available 24x7x365 with redundant power, air conditioning system, security video surveillance, disaster recovery system and fire-fighting system intended to be applicable for any size & growth of data center.

Our DNOC and support team includes highly professional employees with extensive technical experience, equipped with multiple monitoring tools to continuously monitor your private information to prevent unauthorized data access and improve productivity through greater service reuse and a common set of products, tools and best practices for data, application and service integration that consist the following advantages. ​​​​


Our data center ensure the availability of information when required through redundant connectivity, redundant power sources, redundant air-conditioning, redundant appliances…etc. In addition, we have rigorous data backup policy and disaster recovery doing by our highly qualified expertise whose are available 24x7x365.​​


Entire premises is equipped with multi-layer of physical security such as Security officer at every main entrance, Access Control, CCTV System to prevent the unauthorized physical access. Highly experienced Network security professionals are closely monitoring the traffic patterns and trends always with state-of-art data security appliances. Taking pro-active measures to prevent any kind of network threat or attack which could lead in to unaffordable network down time.


Business growth often requires deploying more servers, new applications, and additional databases. Shabakah data center resources scale based on requirements, without interrupting business operations.


All the elements of the data center provides optimal performance based on the required service levels.


Shabakah data center provide easy and integrated management of all its elements. We apply tailored ITIL processes to manage data center and reduction of human (manual) intervention in common tasks. ​​​

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