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Shabakah Major Technology vendors are our partners to collaborate the best software that fits for the end user demand and growth. Shabakah provides industry-focused software to government, private and commercial market to meet customer’s business goals. We are beyond than others, with our professional expertise and years of experience, our software capability provide solutions that fits customer and market needs.​​​


Deliberate, long-term approach

Instead of a “hit and run” engagement, we “believe in” the results of Software delivery by continuing to work closely with the customers. We target full end-user enablement: not just a successful pilot, keep IT aligned with business needs, conduct existing software upgrades and implement scalable solutions for growth.​

Accountable Diversity

As the single provider for a wide range of software, customers can buy from a single provider all this needs. Shabakah builds in-depth knowledge of organization, systems and business processes to define requirements, fees and project scope from the start to end that keeps costs in line and delivery on time.

Software consulting experts

With a wide range of certified and highly qualified software consulting team includes presales and technical experts in both enterprise and commercial have real-world, cross-industry experience that guarantees affordable & suitable software based on customer’s needs.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Leased Line / DIA​​

Microwave Services

Direct Cabling