We have diverse range of hardware supplies that cover all ICT needs of any organization to run successful businesses. This include Servers, SANs, NAS, Cabinet, UPS, Switch, Routers, CCTV, IPCAM, Intrusion Detection System, Access Control, desktops or laptops, Printers…etc.

Loyalty to customer is our major driving force to select the best hardware from the leading hardware vendors including Honeywell, Cisco, HP, IBM, Dell, Juniper, Pelco, Polycom, Avaya, EMC, Bluecoat, Cyberoam, Fortinet, APC, and Samsung … Etc. based on their aspects ​​



We have a huge array of hardware available in stock of our smart & large warehouses at all the major cities of Saudi Arabia with proven supply chain that always ensure the delivery before the customers deadline.​

ONE Stop Shopping

Shabakah is the partner of a wide range of multi-vendor products that covers any customer needs under one umbrella.

End to End

With a strong track record in delivering total business solutions to its clients, Shabakah offers a package of flexible integrated multi-vendor hardware products into one seamless infrastructure.

Cost effective

All the elements of the data center provides optimal performance based on the required service levels.​​​​​​​​​​​

Data Center

All data center hardware and associated components such as Cabinet, Servers, Storage, Firewall, UPS (backup power supply), and environmental controls (e.g., raised floor, air conditioning, fire suppression).


All active and passive networking components such as router, switch, Cable, Face Plate, Patch Panel, media converters … etc.​​​

Office Automation

Every single products of office automation equipment such as desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, monitors, projectors … etc.


All kind of Physical and Data security products such as access controls, surveillance systems, Automatic Gate Controls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Firewalls, IPS/IDS … etc.​